Graduation Project

CSE 492 is a senior course. Graduation project evaluation rules are applied. At the end of the semester the course is taken, students present their work in front of a jury and get a letter grade. Students who do not choose a project on time are not allowed to take the course.

The Process of Choosing a Project
  • Every student is responsible for choosing an advisor and an acceptable engineering project for the CSE492 course. Senior students can choose a project according to their interests which is approved by an advisor or they can choose a project announced by an advisor.
  • If a student got an X, he/she should submit a new proposal form. "Extended" box must be checked.
  • Students that have registered to the CSE 492 course and chosen a project must fill and submit the project proposal form as a computer print-out before the course registration deadline, and must register to the course e-mail list.
    • Project Proposal Form: PDF | DOC
Every CSE 492 student should take a look at the links below.

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