Duration 20 work days (at least).


Subject Subject of the internship may either be about hardware or software. It is expected from students to work on a project, develop a desing, software or hardware, as well as getting the basics about how a project is run.


Workplace A list about the approved intership workplaces is presented by the department, and is available through the department secretary.  Internship workplace proposals from students must be equipped with a confirmation from the workplace that the student is accepted for internship, plus an introduction about the workplace and description of the work that will be done during the course of internship. Internship insurance is provided if the department considers the internship as admissible. Students can start their internship after the internship insurance procedure is completed.

"Admission Form" can be acquired from the department secretary.


Compulsory Internship Students are obliged to complete a compulsory internship to be able to graduate. Compulsory internships are done on the summer between 3rd and 4th year courses. An internship is considered as compulsory if: 1. 100 or more credits have been successfully completed; 2. OR all third year CSE courses have been successfully passed; 3. OR upon examination of the courses the student can take considering his/her current CGPA, the semesters when courses are offered, and pre-requisite relationships, it is decided that the student can graduate within a year. Internships are considered as voluntary when these conditions are not met. Students who met the conditions of a compulsory internship register to the CSE 400 course on the following term. Compulsory internships cover the following topics:

  • Getting to know the computer center (organization, function, administrative structure, software and hardware structures)
  • Working on projects that are related to one or more of the topics listed below:
    • System analysis and design
    • Database utilization
    • Web technologies
    • Mobile technologies
    • Systems programming
    • Hardware

Voluntary Internship Students may participate in more than one voluntary internships besides the compulsory internship. Students who do not meet the requirements of a compulsory intership are advised to participate in voluntary internships in order to put their free time during summer to good use. These students do not register to the CSE 400 course. Voluntary interships cover the following topics:

  • Getting to know the computer center (organization, function, administrative structure, software and hardware structures)
  • Programming using one or more programming languages
  • Observing system repair and maintenance

Report A report of the internship is required by the department. The project that has been worked on, developed software or hardware and their specifications, and gained knowledge throughout the internship period should be compiled in detail on this report. All pages of the report must be approved (with a signature and stamp) by the internship supervisor. The report must be a computer print-out and must be submitted until the first week of the term following the internship. Due date for 2015 Summer internship reports is Wednesday September 9th, 2015.

Internship Report Format


Letter of Success Students should get attendance and success evaluation sheet, as well as the results of the following survey from the workplace they work as an intern.

Intern Survey


Grade CSE 400 grades of the students who completed their compulsory internships are decided and processed to their transcripts as P (pass) or F (fail) after their internship reports and success evaluation sheets are taken into consideration.


Coordinator Esin Onbaşıoğlu Office: A-405 Tel: 1422 (extension)



"Intern Prior Knowledge Form", "Intern Admission Form", "Internship Application Form", "Department Internship Petition", "Application and Approval Form", "SSI Covenant", "Covenant" and "Form Requested from Firm" can be acquired from the department secretary.

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