Nurettin Kayhan Göncü won 1st prize in “7 Tepe 7 Fikir” Contest

Yeditepe University's students received their first prize in the "7 Tepe 7 Fikir" contest which took place to pass on various innovations and entrepreneurial ideas, to help create qualified business ideas and to support business ideas that can be commercialized.

Nurettin Kayhan Göncü, a graduate of Computer Engineering Department shared his opinions on the competition.

Göncü said, "First of all, we had a very enjoyable process. With my teammate Kivanc, we were very well prepared for these processes. Most importantly, we put forward our approach in terms of presenting and producing our project in order to get the prize. Those who have seen our faith and our perseverance have also supported us. Thanks to everyone."

Göncü stated that the project aims to improve the success rate of epidural anesthesia, and they hope that the syringe they developed using microchips and sensors will provide reference intervals to anesthesiologists during application using negative pressure.

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