Embedded Wisents: Cooperating Embedded Systems for Exploration and Control Featuring Wireless Sensor Networks

Funded Research Project (European Union - FP6)
Year: 2004-2007 Project Team: Şebnem Baydere (sbaydere [at] cse.yeditepe.edu.tr), Erdal Çayırcı, İsa Hacıoğlu, M. Onur Ergin.  

Embedded systems are characterized by their very need to interact with the environment. This interaction can take place in the form of sensing as well as actuation. Because of system complexity, isolated entities can no longer perform this interaction efficiently or reach the required control objectives. Hence, even in the interaction with, exploration of and control of the environment, cooperation between individual entities becomes a necessity, jointly controlling and influencing the physical processes in large-scale systems.While these “cooperating objects” represent a potentially disruptive technology, the concrete realization of this vision is still unclear. This clarification is the essential goal of the coordination action proposed here. We intend to explore the actual needs of manufacturers and appliers of this technology as well as the ensuing, most challenging research issues; to identify road blockers for progress; to present a roadmap how these road blockers can be removed; and to foster teaching and education to form a basis for future research.

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