ORYANTAL: Wireless Sensor Networks for Forest Surveillance and Early Fire Detection

Funded Research Project (TÜBİTAK)
Year: 2006-2009 Project Team: Şebnem Baydere (sbaydere [at] cse.yeditepe.edu.tr), Gürhan Küçük (gkucuk [at] cse.yeditepe.edu.tr), Bilgin Koşucu, Kerem Irgan.  

Forest fires are one of the most important factors that threaten the ecological balance in the countries that are affected by the Mediterranean climate such as Turkey. Forests, that constitute ¼ of the total area of our country, are in great danger of fire, especially during summer period. In 74,294 forest fires, we lost 1,630,000 hectares of forest area since 1937. This area is three times larger than the area of the city of Istanbul. Especially, there is a steep increase in the number of annual forest fires during last decade. Today, since %80 of the annual forest fires occur during the 5-month period between June and October, the forest fire fighting activities are intensified during this period, and minimized during the rest of the year due to the budget issues. Today, wireless sensor networks (WSN) became a leading research and development area arose from the field of ad hoc networking research. Increased research activity is due to the convincing reasons provided by the potential for significant monitoring applications on various different properties such as heat, humidity, pressure, acceleration, smoke and light. In this project, we propose an early forest fire detection system by utilizing a toxic-free, self-configurable, reliable, fault-tolerant, scalable and distributed wireless sensor network architecture with easy configuration & management and long lifetime expectancy.

The aim of this project is the design and realization of a distributed fire-detection model  for  wireless sensor networks. The system  will be active not only in the aformentioned 5-month long fire season, but every day and every minute of a year. The scope of the project is the research of the effectiveness, reliability, reaction speed, robustness, lifetime, scalability, fault-tolerance, implementation & management cost and budget requirements of the wireless sensor networks in the forest fire detection process.

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