\ Funda Yıldırım

Funda Yıldırım

Assist. Prof.

: Boston University & Massachusetts General Hospital
: Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Groningen
: Cognitive Science, Middle East Technical University
: Computer Engineering, Bilkent University

1428 B-404

PUBLICATIONS Refereed Journal Articles 1 Yildirim, F., Meyer, V., Cornelissen, F.W. (2015). Eyes on Crowding: Crowding is preserved when responding by eye and similarly affects identity and position accuracy. Journal of Vision, 15 (2), 1-14. 2 Yildirim, F., & Cornelissen, F.W. (2015). Saccades Follow Perception When Judging Location. I-Perception, 6(6), 1-10. 3 Yildirim F., Carvalho J. Cornelissen, F.W. (2017). A second-order orientation-contrast stimulus for population-receptive-field-based retinotopic mapping. Neuroimage, doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2017.06.073. 4 Yildirim, F., Gokcay, D., Yildirim, G. Selectivity of Lateral Occipital Cortex in Perception of Symmetry: an fMR adaptation study on symmetric faces and symmetric patterns. Submitted 5 Yildirim, F., Ingalls, G., Vaina L. (2017), Visual Localization Performance could be Degraded but not Facilitated by Auditory Cues in Peripheral Vision. Submitted. Publications in Preparation 1 Yildirim, F., Cornelissen, F.W. (2018), Contribution of Contour Mechanisms on Shape Perception in Early Visual Cortex. In preperation. Refereed Conference Proceedings 1. İnan S, Yildirim F, 2018, “Intra- and cross-categorical reversals of ambiguous stimuli in auditory perception: A psychophysical experiment" International Symposium on Brain and Cognitive Science 5 2. Cornelissen F W, Yildirim F, 2016, “Orientation-contrast Based Retinotopy” Perception 45_2 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 3. Yildirim F, Faraj S, Cornelissen F W, 2014, " Eye movements do not follow perceived location in visual crowding " Perception 43 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 11 4. Gokcay D, Yildirim F, Yildirim G, 2014, " Face symmetry perception in LOC: A study with fMR adaptation " Perception 43 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 23 5. Yildirim F, Cornelissen F W, 2014, “ Crowding is similar for eye movements and manual responses ” Journal of Vision. 2014; 14(10):789-789. doi: 10.1167/14.10.789 6. Yildirim F, Meyer V, Cornelissen F, 2013, "Eye-tracking shows that target flanker similarity effects both recognition and localization performance in crowding" Perception 42 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 188 7. Yildirim F, Cornelissen F W, 2012, "Does flanker identity affect perceived target position in crowding?" Perception 41 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 1 8. Yildirim F, Boyaci H, 2011, "Spatial pattern of activity in primary visual cortex can be modulated by distance perception based on binocular stereo cues" Perception 40 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 105 9. Yildirim, F., Gokcay, D, 2011. “Comparison of Task Dependent Eye-Movement Behavior During Facial Attractiveness and Face Symmetry Evaluation” Abstracts of the 16th European Conference on Eye Movements, Marseille, 21 - 25 August 2011. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 4(3).


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