The VR Laboratory in the Department of Computer Engineering was established in 2005 as a new research laboratory at the Yeditepe University as part of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering. The VR Lab is devoted to the research and development of advanced visualization and simulation technology across a wide range of disciplines.

The VR Lab is developing an extensive program of research and development initially focusing on the interactive data visualization, real-time simulation for training and engineering and innovative human-computer interfaces. Applications range from scientific data (for example, medical imaging) through to everyday scenes (for example, a simulated underground train journey) and virtual heritage (for example, reconstruction of sites from excavated remains). The goal is to enhance understanding of 2D/3D data of various modalities (visual, auditory, haptic, etc.) and its applications, and to immerse people into computer generated environments, for example, for the purposes of training them to perform specific operations in different situations that would otherwise be impossible or very difficult in the real world.

The VR Lab’s academic program especially seeks to work with and provide support for faculty, from all Yeditepe University departments and all disciplines, who want to explore the use of Immersive Virtual Reality technology in their research, teaching and scholarship. Academic projects currently underway and being planned span the sciences, humanities, engineering, medicine and the social sciences.